Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of the most famous and important Shinto Shrines in the country. From it’s origin, back in 711, it’s been constantly growing in popularity. Today, it’s the headquarters of a Shrine Network of more than 32000 Inari-devoted Shrines around Japan.

The highlight of this amazing Shrine are the 10000 vermillion torii gates (the popular red/orange wooden structures) that follow the trail up the Sacred Mountain. They are all donated by local shops, artisans and all kind of business, in exchange of richness and good luck on their career. The gates create a path of around 4 kilometers, that almost everyone can follow easily as a trekking of about 1h – 1h.30min.

The Senbon Torii

The most known part of the trail is the area called Senbon Torii (the 1000 gates). It’s located just a few meters away from the entrance, and it’s divided into two smaller paths. Lots of movies and documentaries are shot in here. If you walk one way, you’ll see just plain orange, while in the other way, you’ll get to see the details of the donor, and the date it was given to the Shrine.

Inari, the God of rice, harvest and business

The Shrine is devoted to Inari, a god that was known for taking care of the rice, and help with the harvest. Nowadays, it’s also known as the god of good fortune for business. In new year, more than 2.5 millions of people come to the Shrine to pray.

How to get to Fushimi Inari Shrine from Kyoto Knot Vacation House

  • 15 minutes by Taxi (¥1600 – ¥1800)
  • 25 minutes by Bus + JR Train. Take the City Bus 50, 9 or 73 and change in Kyoto Station to the Nara Line of the JR Train. Get off at Inari Station (¥370)
  • 1h walking (Free!)