New year

Wish you all the best in 2020!

A happy new year 2020 everyone!!
We could welcome our guests from various countries in the last year 2019 too.
Besides, We started seasonal workshop with Japanese herbs, and also had some chances to organize music live event as well.
How was your 2019?
How did you spend new year’s holidays this time?

New year’s holidays 2019-2020

Needless to say, We usually have to work during any holidays since we are organizing this Japanese house as accommodation.
However, We could spend wonderful time with our family during holidays this time.
At the very last of 2019, We did Mochi pounding, as we always do for preparing Mochi (Rice cake) which we eat as new years cerebration.
It usually takes almost a whole day, since we need to prepare Mochi for all of our family/relatives.
Yes, It’s cold to do that outside and very hard work, but still worth to do this to taste handmade delicious Mochi for new year!

Osechi Ryori

As you may know, We normally eat New year dishes called “Osechi”,  the traditional meal only prepared for New year.
All of the Ingredients in Osechi are well-meaning,
because Osechi is eaten to pray for good health and great harvest for a year.
Of course, We ate Mochi in a Zouni soup on new year’s day!
This year, my mother cooked gorgeous Osechi meal.

Since I did not need to prepare meals, I baked a tart as desert this year.
Actually, It was very difficult to try not eating so much.
Though we could not prepare gorgeous Osechi for our guests unfortunately,
We prepared a small snack box as a souvenir for those who stayed on new year’s day.
Besides, we decorated our house a little bit.

Luckily(?) , there was no guests for staying on Jan 2nd this year,
We could go to Kamigamo Shrine for the first visiting.
That was how we spend our new year this time.

In this 2020, there will be lots of events not only Tokyo Olympics!
We can’t wait to welcome you this year too!
Looking forward to seeing you here in Kyoto.

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