Oharano Shrine
Oharano Shrine

Seek out a secret spot in Kyoto!
Vol2. – Autumn leaves spot

On a previous blog,we introduced Yoshimine Temple to you as one of secret places of Momiji in Kyoto.
As we wrote last time, the reasons of why we are writing this blog is to give more local information/tips/news for visitors.
Thus, we would like to show you other spots of “Momiji”, autumn leaves this time too!

Oharano Shrine

Oharano Trii gate
Oharano Trii gate

This shrine is also one of the spots we have been interested for years.
Finally we visited here this autumn leaves season!
Then, we realized this place is also recommended for those who have seen enough of autumn leaves in famous spots.

The hidden place

This shrine was also used to be featured on Kyoto’s promotion before,but
there were only a few people when we visited here.

Quiet place
Quiet place

Maybe it’s because of difficult to access but
it’s worth to visit here especially for autumn/green leaves season.
You can enjoy walking around shrine and the quiet beautiful scenery.

The pond in Oharano Shrine
The pond in Oharano Shrine

If you have the chance to rent a car, you can visit this shrine and Yoshimine temple since they are close each other.
(However it’s a bit far if you walk between these spots.)
In case you are 3-4 persons group, taxi is also good idea to go these spots.
Actually, you do not need to worry about car parking/traffic jam
compare to other famous autumn leaves spots, such as Southern Higashiyama area, Kurama,or Arashiyama.

Oharano Shrine3
The gate to main building

Especially for those who are not interested in major touristic places,
we would love to recommend local spots like this.
We hope this information will be helpful for your travel plan of Kyoto!


Oharano Shrine
Shrine is opened 24hours but it’s too dark to go after sunset.
<By Public transportation>
JRKyoto Sta.→JR Mukomachi Sta.<JR Kyoto line local train> 8min. :180JPY
– From JR Mukomachi Sta. –
Get on Hankyu Bus bound for Minami Kasuga cho and get off at the last stop, Minami Kasuga cho bus stop.
Walk to the mountain side about 7-8min.

<By Car>
From Kyoto Sta. —35min. (12.2km)
(From Kyoto Jukando highway Kutsukake IC 10min. 3km)


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