I was wondering which Kakishibu(persimmon dye) is better for our house. Suddenly, an idea came up my mind. It is a friend of mine who live in Gifu prefecture and make Kakisibu persimmon dye.

He really love his town and try to make it with specialty persimmon. It’s called Ijira persimmon. I tried to contact him and went to his town to get it.


↑From left side dark brown・yellow・red・Kakishibu Dye

I got some of them and tried to paint on wood board. Basically, It has to leave under the sun after painting. And then, color comes up. Check up a tone colors and try to paint it again.


↑From top Kakishibu dye・yellow・red・dark brown

It’s pretty hard to mix up Kakishibu dye and Bengala. Because of Bengala is iron oxide. I had to mix them up every time after painted it with brush. I polished on the wood board  with cloth before Kakishibu dye was dried up. Finally, we can see beautiful woody texture.

I thought that it is easy to paint with acrylic paint, but I wanted to make it closer to original painting! Hopefully, I want to put my feeling into our house.

Next is painting our house!!!