Calligraphy experience is coming soon for June!!!

Have you ever tried to write Japanese with calligraphy brushes?
For those people who have never tried it before,definitely we recommend you to experience it,not to mention for those who already had tried it.
Of course even if you are familiar with it,please visit Kyoto Knot Vacation House
and enjoy writing Japanese for your next step.

Japanese Kanji means Kyoto
Japanese Kanji means Kyoto

This is the first time for us to have such a special event at Kyoto Knot.
It will be challenging for us but this is going to be enjoyable event especially for foreign travelers.

We invite our friend Ms.Ai as a Calligraphy teacher for this experience.
She is Calligraphy artist from Kyoto.
Not only writing Japanese with a calligraphy brush and an Indian ink,She does design with watercolors as well.

Teacher Ms.Ai's work
Teacher Ms. Ai’s work.

This Kanji in other words,Chinese Characters mean “Love” and the pronunciation in Japanese is “Ai”,the same her own name.
Since the class will be for mainly beginners,you will learn how to write Japanese in an Indian ink for this time.

Mai means Dance.
Mai means Dance.

Here is the info of Calligraphy (Shodo) experience as below.

Date—14th,28th,(WED) June 2017.
Time—A: 9AM-11am / B:1PM-3PM / 4:30PM-6:30PM
Fee—-5,000JPY including Japanese tea&sweets.
*Maximum for 5persons
*Unfortunately children under 12years old are not able to join the class.
*Please come with casual clothes which you would not mind getting dirty.
*In case you would like to change/cancel your booking,please let her know at least 3days before of your booked date.

About the class

Enjoy experiencing Shodo, a long respected art form in Japan dating back centuries.
Have fun in a modern Machiya house learning how to use Japanese calligraphy brushes, practice writing Kanji and create your very own masterpiece to take home as a souvenir.
To finish up, we’ll treat you to Japanese tea and sweets in Japanese tatami room at Kyoto Knot.
Moreover,we have an exhibition of Ms. Ai’s calligraphy arts on the 2nd floor of the house.

Usually our house is used for an accommodation,however it will be specially opened for participants to experience both Shodo and a Japanese Machiya traditional house.
For your booking,
please contact Ai sensei (Sensei means Teacher) directly.

As can be seen,it will be worthy to try this class!
We are looking forward your inquiries/bookings and hope your experience will be amazing!

Kyoto Knot