Let’s go to somewhere cool to relax for a day trip!

Do you know how hot in summer of Kyoto?
Actually Kyoto is terribly humid in summer and very chilly in winter
since the city is surrounded by mountains.
Thus we would love to recommend you to go a day trip to northern area of Kyoto city
this time.

Catch the local train.

Eizan railway
Eizan railway

It just takes about 1hours by train from the central of city.
You’ll catch the subway and transfer pretty local train called Eizan railway.
It is very good idea to go hike from Kibune guchi station.
Maybe you feel the difference of temperature compared to the central Kyoto.
It’s pretty cooler than there and feel comfortable to hike.
After 30min.hiking,you can see Kawadoko, the river side dining which is on the river.

Kawadoko- riverside dining
Kawadoko- riverside dining

Kifune Shrine

Kibune Shrine
Kibune Shrine

Kifune shrine is recognized as the place where you can see beautiful autumn leaves.
However, green momiji leaves are also beautiful in summer time as well.
(Please see the featured image.)
When its dusk,lanterns are very romantic.

After dusk
After dusk

Besides there is hiking road from Kibune Shrine to Kurama so that you can enjoy 1.5hour hiking through the mountain.

Kurama Temple & Hot spring

After hiking into the woods,you will arrive at Kurama Temple.

Kurama temple
Kurama temple

Then, this is the most recommended place,Kurama Onsen,Hot springs!!
It is very good idea to go take a bath especially after the hiking.
There are baths both inside and outside of the building,however
we recommend you to go outside one since you can enjoy the mountain view!

Kurama Onsen
Kurama Onsen


Kurama Onsen 10am-9pm ( Outside bath is closed at 8pm in winter)
Rotenburo-outside bath:1,000JPY
*Rental towel needs to pay extra fee.
More info is here.

Enjoy taking relax at northern Kyoto area when you get tired sightseeing in the city!

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