Last week I went to Arashiyama and got on a Boat for half an hour up the river. Arashiyama is an area about 20 minutes away from Kyoto, famous for it’s bamboo forest.

But the bamboo forest it’s not all it has to offer. In the area there is also a Zen Temple called Tenryuji, which is included in the Unesco World Heritage. Around the main street there are lots of shops offering a really wide range of food and souvenirs. At the end of the main street, crossing the famous Togetsukyo Bridge and going up the hill there is also a Monkey Park, where visitors can see the Japanese Monkeys up close.

Around the river, you can also get on a boat. And that’s what we did last week. We could see the Autumn folliage starting to change its colours. It’s still really early, but we could notice some yellow leaves on the surrounding trees. In a few weeks, it’s going to be so beautiful! (but also so crowded, don’t forget that!)

On the next picture there are some Ao Momiji. Those are the trees that have already started turning yellow, and they are the most beautiful ones in Autumn, as they turn to a really vibrant tone of red. It’s a tree from the same family as the Canadian Maple, but with a smaller leaf.

Arashiyama by boat
Arashiyama by boat

When you get on the boats you suddenly get away from houses and people, and get transported into a such a beautiful and peaceful scenery. That being told, this is still a business, so most of the time, a floating shop will come close by, and offer you drinks and snacks. You can even get a steamy plate of Traditional Japanese Oden!

Floating shop
Floating shop coming to the boats

So, don’t miss the chance to explore Arashiyama. And even it might look like a touristy thing to do… well… enjoy being a tourist for a while and discover one of the most gorgeous sceneries in Kyoto!

On the way back to the Togetsukyo Bridge