How we started Kyoto Knot

Recently We’ve been posting about some tourist information of Kyoto,but
We would like to show you how we started Kyoto Knot Vacation House this time.
Though it will be a long story but, hope you enjoy this!
We will keep posting as much as we can.
As we explained on About us page of our website,
we opened our house in October, 2016.
Actually, we found this Japanese traditional house in March 2016, but there were a lot of parts which we needed to renovate.


Japanese house as a storage

The house was used  to be a storage of yarn shop next door,
so that we found tons of boxes in side of the house.
It is said  that this house was built more than 100 years ago!
Since nobody’s living here for a long time, most of the entire of the house was so old and damaged.

Rooms on 2nd floor & yard
Rooms on 2nd floor & yard 

In 2016, to start guesthouse business is a little bit late ,so that we were struggling with searching for the house which we can use as an accommodation.
Even though it was very old, we felt that ” This is it! This is the house we were looking for as a guesthouse! “

The first floor
The first floor


As you can see from this photo, we had to move these tons of boxes to another yarn shop’s storage at first.
This was the first step for our renovation!
Next time, we would like to introduce about renovation more.

To be continued,,,

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