Trying DIY – Self renovation of traditional Japanese house

A long vacation “Golden week”  is already gone here in Japan, and now
you can see the fresh green leaves!
It will be a great greenery season before rainy season is coming.
This time, we would like to return to a subject about renovation of traditional Japanese house.
On previous post, we explained about ripping floor.

Removing ceiling

To make bed rooms been spacious, We decided to change the height of  ceilings, which means We needed to remove them!
As you know, most of Japanese are not so tall compare to westerners,
thus most of rooms in Japan are not tall enough.
Especially it is very interesting to see traditional Japanese house,
since the ceilings are lower than we expected.
It seems the height of ceiling has been matched to ancient Japanese size.
This house will be renovated to accommodation which both Japanese and foreigners can stay, that is why We needed to broke these ceilings.
You can see the difference from a photo as below.
(We broke the ceilings which were shown as red arrow.)

Before & After
Before & After








It’s not only one room.
My husband needed to remove ceilings of all rooms (3 rooms) on the 2nd floor.
That must have been unbelievably tough work!
He needed to deal with a tons of dusts…

remove ceillings
remove ceillings

After tough works, we could see beautiful structures of this house!
You can see the back side of the roof from inside.
Of course there was beautiful joist.


Finally, We could see roof and joist from inside of the house!
The house looks very spacious if there’s no ceiling, isn’t it?
We touched by this view because of beautiful works of ancient Japanese carpenters!
We can not even imagine that how it was built more than 100 years ago.

Obviously, it was tough work at that time,
but the renovation still needed to keep on to open our guest house!
We will show you more about renovation by our next post.
Stay tuned!

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