We held calligraphy experience event last month!

Last month,June 2017,we invited calligraphy artist Ai, and had calligraphy experience classes.
Since it was a first trial for both of us to do such a big project,
we were wondering if there were someone who would join us,however
we had some participants luckily.

Not only experience class,calligraphy artwork exhibition was also happened at that time and the 2nd floor of our house was filled with her talented works.

Ai’s artwork
One of our favorites

In addition,She gave us her work as a gift! Thank you!
This letter means Musubi = Knot.

What a nice gift for us!

Calligraphy experience class

This time,we had 2students.
The one from United Kingdom and another one from Canada.
Both of them were concentrate on writing their own masterpiece.

During the class

They learned how to write with a calligraphy brush including some strokes.
Do you think it’s difficult for you to write Kanji – Chinese character?
Actually,it is easier to start writing a Kanji for beginner since it is very difficult to adjust the balance of Hiragana.

After 2hours class,finally they could make it!

All of us enjoyed the event!

As soon as they finished writing masterpiece,
we enjoyed having teas on the 2nd floor,while viewing the exhibition.
Besides,our friends also visited us to see them.

Chatting at the Japanese room

We were in charge of this event,but we also had wonderful time and experience
through this project.
In the near future, our guest can take her class during your stay at Kyoto Knot.
Moreover,we are already planning of our next project so that
will inform you about it via our blog/SNS.
Stay tuned!

Kyoto Knot