Do you like to go adventure while you are in overseas?
Every time I go traveling not only domestic but also abroad, I love to hang out around local spots.
Since Kyoto Knot Vacation House is located in convenient place,
like town which you can enjoy both local and city atmosphere,
I would love to recommend you to visit local shops nearby as follows!

1. WANDERERS STAND (Coffee shop) Open 9am-6pm

To here or to go? WANDERERS STAND
To here or to go? WANDERERS STAND

First of all,we would like to introduce you Wanderers stand.
In fact,they are just in front of our house! Why don’t you take out coffee and toasts and have a relaxing breakfast at Kyoto Knot?
They are pretty famous coffee shops in Tokyo,known as Little Nap COFFEE.
Thus lots of people visit them and have a break with tasty coffee.

2.Japanese-style confectionery shop

Japanese-style confectionery shop
Japanese-style confectionery shop

Within 5min.walking distance,you can get to local shopping street.
Actually most of shops turned out to be accommodations for now, however locals still visit here for shopping.
You can feel nostalgic atmosphere in this narrow street until now so that I sometimes see tourists are taking photos of this area.
One of a Japanese sweets shop which I would like to recommend is located at the entrance of the shopping street.
They have yummy Japanese sweets such as rice dumplings so enjoy them with taking a walk around there.

As shown above,there are some interesting spots around us.

Next time,we will show you more about our neighbours,
don’t miss it!

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