Handmade experience class Vol.1
-Mizuhiki pierced earrings-

Last week,on 19th July 2017, We publicly opened our accommodation house and had a handmade experience class for the first time!
This time, we welcomed Ms.Ai who is usually teaching Calligraphy class for our guest as a teacher and tried to make pierced earrings with Mizuhiki.
Ms. Ai is not only a calligrapher,but also She is a talented artist, so that can draw watercolor calligraphy and other handmade works.

Our event’s poster

When we had a calligraphy exhibition last time,She gave us one of her piece and
that’s the decoration was made by Mizuhiki as below.

Ai’s works

These strings balls are made by Mizuhiki and this figure of the Knot is called “Awaji Musubi” which we inspired to make our logo design.
This time we made these Knots and create pierced earrings with them.

Our logo design

What is Mizuhiki?

Mizuhiki is a decorative code made from twisted paper.
Usually you can see it with a special envelop which is used for the wedding party,etc.

In case you are curious about Mizuhiki, you can check this link!

It’s time to start making it!

This time,we tried to make 2 Awaji-dama balls which was made by Awaji-Musubi knot.
Actually you can make a ball with only 1 Mizuhiki code.
At first, we chose a color and started to tie the knot.
As you can see from the photo below, recently there are a lot of colorful Mizuhikis.

Mizuhiki variation

Under the Ms.Ai’s guidance,we kept tying Awaji musubi.







Since it was more difficult than we expected,we were struggling to tie without talking.

During the class

We pretty needed to concentrate for our works.
After our tough works,,, finally we could make it!!

Our own master piece!

Now you feel like joining our experience?
We are looking forward to welcoming you for the next chance!
Next program is coming soon,,,in the late August.
Don’t miss it:)

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