The lush of greenery at Nonomiya shrine.
The lush of greenery at Nonomiya shrine.

The best accommodation deal,save 20% for your stay during rainy season!

After golden week holidays were passed,rainy season will be started soon.
Kyoto Knot Vacation House decided to start special deals!

You get 20% discount for your bookings from now to the end of June 2017.
In case you would like to book us,please send us your booking form via our website!

You may be hesitated to travel during rainy season however
there are some way to enjoy rainy days here in Kyoto.

1.Enjoy Hydrangea viewing!

Beautiful Hydrangeas
You can see Hydrangeas at some temples/shrines.

At one of the famous temple as beautiful Hydrangea gardens,Mimurodo Temple,
you can see thousands of flowers there.
They opens the garden at night with lightning up,not only daytime.
Mimurodo-ji Temple(Uji area) Fee:500JPY
1st June – 9th July 2017. Daily open: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Special lightning up
Saturdays&Sundays during 10th – 25th June 2017.
Opens:7pm – 9pm (Entry by 8:30pm)

2.Enjoy greenery spots!

Moss garden
Moss garden at Nonomiya Shrine

Most of temples/shrines have their own beautiful gardens so that you can see beautiful steaming moss.
In addition,to see greenery especially in moss gardens,rainy season is also the best time to enjoy it.

3.Enjoy sight seeing in Kyoto!
Compare to high seasons such as April and November,
it seems like tourists are not so much during June.
You can spend more relaxing time at tourist spots,and save the time to go sightseeing,or shopping!

There are pros and cons to travel in the rain however
it still worth to visit Kyoto for your next destination.

Don’t miss our rainy season deals! Our Japanese traditional house for private use is still available some dates between the end of May to June!

Of course bookings for other seasons are anytime welcomed.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at Kyoto Knot!

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