Japanese herbs experience

It’s getting warmer and warmer here in Kyoto and feels like Spring will come soon.
On previous post, We wrote about the experience with Japanese herbs as our first time challenge in our guest house.
Thanks to persons who organized this together, it was successfully done, thus
We would like to show you about it!

On the day

Usually our house is used as accommodation, however it was changed to a place for workshop on the day.
We organized this with Somokusha Co. from Miyama prefecture this time,
and as you see we had various Japanese herbal items for shopping.
(You can see more details about Somokusha Co. from our previous post.)

Soon, guests arrived in our house.

At first, we began making a tincture with one of a Japanese herb, Loquat leaves.

The Loquat leave is known as useful natural product for our health issues such as fatigue, poor blood circulation , and so on.
For those who has problem of joint/muscle, fresh leaves may work if you used them as hot patch.
Anyway,we prepare dried loquat leaves this time and used them for a tincture.
After we cut leaves and soaked into a rice liquor, it became a tincture after 3 months.
Our teacher recommend us to use this tincture to make a skin care lotion, a bug repellent spray, a balm for skin burn and so on.

After we finished making a tincture, finally tried to make a herbal ball!
You might see about this if you have been to Thailand.
Actually it is used for herbal compress massage in Thailand.
Normally the contents of this ball are Thai herbs, of course,
however it is difficult to make it in Japan since we are not able to find these Thai herbs here.

Thus, this time we tried to make it with Japanese herbs, besides we put some brown rice in there to make it hot in the microwave.
Technically it is said that fresh herbs should be better, but the easier one would also nice for our daily self care.
Actually, I also have one and it is very nice to use it especially when I have a stiff neck, or even stomach ache.

After the workshop, we served massage for those who would like to experience massage with a herbal ball and a louquat pat.
For us, this is the first time herbal workshop with Somokusha Co. and
it was precious opportunity to have this together in our house.

We decided to do some more Japanese herbal workshops here again in next May and June.
If you are interested in this, please follow our Facebook page, to that you can check the information there soon.
Stay tuned!

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