Special offer to your holidays in autumn leaves season!

Are you planning to visit Kyoto for this autumn leaves season?
We have important announcement about our discount this time!
It’s time to start looking for somewhere stay in Kyoto now,
since Momiji – maple leaves season is coming soon!
Autumn is one of the busiest season here,so that we recommend you to book your stay from now,otherwise it will be difficult to find it on season.

Kyoto Knot Vacation House is the private vacation rental style accommodation and we would love to be considered for your next vacation.
The house is completely private use with kitchen so that we recommend both couples and families!


Besides, we are located in convenient area for sightseeing.
There are some bus stops near by so why don’t you hop on city buses to see beautiful spots?

Machiya Stay
– Traditional Japanese House on sale

Kyoto Knot at night
Kyoto Knot at night

Save up to 20% to stay in Kyoto Knot!
For those who will book us via our website, you can get 20% discount.
Normally we do not have discount service for short stay however
there will be one for all of our guests.
In addition, this is good deals for you since most of accommodations will be more expensive especially in this busy season.
We hope you to enjoy your stay here and have wonderful time for this beautiful momiji – maple leaves season.


Info – Special offer

Reservation for: 6th November 2017 – 9th December 2017.
20% discount – You cannot combine with other discount/deals.
Book by 31st October 2017 via Kyotoknot.com

We are looking forward your inquiries!!

Kyoto Knot


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