Information of our new event,
massage experience day on 27th June 2017.

Our western room in Kyoto Knot transformed to a massage space.

We are planning to start our new project, Massage service at Kyoto Knot Vacation House! This is going to be wonderful service during your stay here.
You can have various kinds of massage without going out to the massage shops.

Before we start the new project, we will open our house as the event of massage experience day!
Regardless of whether you are a guest for the stay or not,you can come to our Japanese town house (Machiya) and get massage treatment.

We have 3kinds of massage methods you can enjoy.

1.Japanese style Massage
We use the technique of our own Japanese Shiatsu style.
Recommended for those who would like to release your tension or stiffness of your body.

You can relax on the massage bed.

2.Thai Massage
This is well known style of massage in Thailand and its style invented for a long time ago.We follow the energy line called Sen,and released your fatigue with using stretching and shiatsu method.

We prepare a massage mat on the floor.

3. Oil foot massage
Using massage oils including essential oils, we gradually ease your muscle pains from leg tiredness by kneading,rubbing,and other techniques in combination.
Recommended for those who feel exhausted from walking too much or leg swelling.

You get massage mainly below knees.

Here is the details of Massage experience day.

Date: 27th June 2017 (Wed)
Time: 1pm-8pm
Massage Fee

Quick 15min.: 1 body part (oil massage is not available.) — 1,000JPY
30min.: 1 or 2 body parts — 2,000JPY
60min.: Whole body except a head. — 3,800JPY
tel: 090-2383-8878

※Since we have only 2 therapists for the event, we recommend you to make a reservation in advance.
We are sorry but please note that we are not able to accept your request sometimes, depend on our availability.

Enjoy having massage and release your daily fatigue.

Massage service will be available soon for those who stay in Kyoto Knot Vacation House.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!