Mbira live in Kyoto Knot

Mbira live in Kyoto Knot

Hello, everyone!
This time we would like to write about one of the amazing event we had last week!
Luckily,we had a chance to have Mbira live music in our house on 13th September 2018.

What’s Mbira?


Have you ever listened Mbira music?
Mbira is one of an instrument from Zimbabwe, its basically played by tribes of Shona.(You can see more about Mbira here.)
It’ s called thumb piano or Kalimba in Japan and the sounds are little similar to the one of music box.
Mbira is playing for communicating to the spirits/ancestors when they are doing ceremonies.

Mbira players

This time, we welcomed Mr. Garikay Tirikoti (from Zimbabwe) and Mr. Sumi Madzitateguru (from Japan) .
They performed fantastic Mbira’s sounds for about 1 hour, and
It feels like we are taking a shower of beautiful sounds, and some audience were dancing.

Live music
Live music

Though most of audience are practicing to play Mbira, they must have enjoyed listening their live beautiful sounds.
My husband is also one of them, and he had a chance to play with them!
In addition, Mr. Garikay, who is also making Mbiras by himself,
were answering audience’s questions after the live music.
Surprisingly, one of them is trying to make a Mbira by himself, and
Mr. Garikay showed some tips to make it.

Making Mbira
Making Mbira

In the end, they stayed for a night in Kyoto Knot after a fun fest.
We sent them off to their next destination for their performance.
Their music tour is still going on all the way from Okinawa to Hokkaido until the end of October.
If you are interested in their tour, you can check it out from this website.

Finally, thank you, Mr. Sumi Madzitateguru ,for giving us the opportunity to organize the live music! Besides, we appreciate for those who visited us!

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