Mizuhiki Handcraft Experience
Let’s make your own charms/pierced earrings!

We will do this again,Tying the Knot at Kyoto Knot!
Last time we made a hooped shape earrings,thus we are going to try another Mizuhiki works this  time.

*Mizuhiki are paper strings tied around wrapped gifts in Japan.
Especially they used for special envelops of wedding ceremonies etc.

At first,we will learn how to tie the Knot,which you can choose one from Awaji musubi or Ume musubi.

Awaji Musubi

This is the basic method to tie the knot ,which we tried on previous class.
Besides,our corporate logo was inspired by this knot.

Awaji musubi

Ume musubi

This is the new challenge for us,Ume musubi.
Ume means Japanese plum.

Ume musubi


There are 2 choices to make your own piece this time.
Choose one from charms/pierced earrings.

mizuhiki charms

Date:30th August 2017
Time:2pm/4pm/6pm (1.5~2hours required.)
*Additional 100~200JPY will be charged depend on the parts you choose.
At Kyoto Knot Vacation House

*For those who have metal allergy,please let us know in advance.

Please book us in advance.

Email to: aiai0223reen@gmail.com

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Kyoto Knot