Plum trees? or Cherry blossoms?

Unexpectedly, Cherry blossom season came quite earlier than usual,
and now that season was already over this year!
As most of people know, April is one of popular seasons for travelers,
because of beautiful SAKURA, cherry blossoms.
However, Plum tree season is also fascinated as much by cherry blossom as.

Plum tree spots

Plum flower
Plum flower

Plum usually starts blooming in the middle of February until the middle of March,when plum petals are fallen.
It’s still cold weather in Kyoto but you can see beautiful plum trees at some spots.
There are several popular spots, such as Nijyo Castle and Kitano Tenmangu shrine, however our favorite place is Jonangu Shrine,
which is located in southern area of Kyoto city.


A garden was full of beautiful plum trees, both pink and white colors.

It depends on which day you visit, but you can walking around a garden without a crowd of people, compared to other spots.


Camelia petals on the moss carpet were good combination with plum.
In addition, you can see beautiful carps in the pond there.


Now, you would like to go there wouldn’t you?

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms

Needless to say, Cherry blossoms are amazing and a lot of travelers, both domestic and overseas
visit Kyoto to see them.
It’s good idea to take a walk to Kamo river when it’s beautiful sunny day, and see them along the sidewalk.

Kamo river
Kamo river

Of course, you will like to go some famous spots like, Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine,Northern Higashiyama area and so on.


Even lightning up Sakura at night is awesome.

Toji temple
Toji temple

Which seasons you would like to visit Kyoto?

To tell the truth, it’s difficult for us to say that which one is the best!
However, as one of locals in Kyoto,
We prefere plum trees viewing since We have a little bit trouble with a people jam.
(Actually It’s not only a people jam in April. Obviously there’s traffic jam and a tons of people everywhere in city bus,train, subway, not only in sightseeing spots.)

Well,,,What do you think?

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