Sakura- Cherry blossom

It’s already the end of April now and most of Japanese have long vacation until 6th May from now.
Though May is coming soon right now,
April is one of busiest season here in Kyoto because of Sakura, cherry blossom.
Did you see them this year?
We assume that we don’t need to explain about major cherry blossom spots in Kyoto, since you will get the information easily.
As local Kyotonian, We would like to recommend you some hidden spots here.

Good place but little known

Somei Yoshino & Shidare(Weeping) cherry

There are several kinds of cherry blossoms, but these 2 types are typical types which you can see in Japan.
Since we are always looking for some local places, here are our best Sakura in 2019 where we visited this year!

Honmanji Temple

It was the most spectacular weeping cherry that we have ever seen!
Actually it was already full bloomed when we visit there, so that it was perfect timing!
As you may know, this cherry is sister one of big weeping cherry from Maruyama park, Gion.
In Maruyama park’s cherry, it was covered with a fence there, however
We can walk just under the cherry blossom in this temple.
Just for your information, please do not touch cherry blossom/brunch anywhere in Japan since they are so delicate.
(Sometimes,we see some people touch them to take pictures with them…)

Look at the cherry blossoms! It’s walking like into the cherry petal shower here! Since Honmanji is located in the residental area, the most of visitors are local people.

 Myomanji Temple


Actually, this temple is located our parent’s house in northern area.
Though we already have visited there for long time ago, we have never been there in cherry blossom season before.

We had a chance to visit there finally in perfect season!
It’s a quite big temple but we did not see tourists at all, we just saw a few locals.

It is amazing garden with a bridge in front of the main gate, and we found a memorial tower near by the main hall.
We knew we were in Japan, but we felt like in Thailand/Cambodia there!

As you can see from the photos, you don’ t see people here…
Thus you can enjoy watching cherry blossom in this silence.

Not only these places which we recommended here, there are plenty spots you can enjoy Sakura in Kyoto.
Just walking along Kamo river is also enjoyable!

Now you feel like to watch Sakura in Kyoto for next season?
We are looking forward to welcoming you here!

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