The movie ” Kamejin” Day

Finally,  our event of screening the movie  ” Kamejin” was over just a week ago!
Thus, we would like to show you the atmosphere on the day this time.

Our house is normally used as accommodation, however
we changed the style and moved some furniture on the day,
since audience would be around 20 persons or more!
Actually, we did not realize that we could invite such a lot of people
in case we made a space on the 2nd floor.






Afternoon screening

We had 2 times screening this time, and each times of audience could enjoy some snacks or meals which made with local products in Kameoka.
We served 2 scones with fresh coffee, and a hand towel of Kameoka, in the afternoon session.

※Scones from Fukukuru bakery shop in Kameoka

We had about 10 guests in the afternoon, so that we could even watch the movie with lying on the sofa.(Though nobody did.)

Since local Kameoka people were performing in the movie, some of audience were already familiar with them.
It seemed they enjoyed watching them in the film.

Night screening

All of us chatted after the movie was finished, then we needed to prepare for the night screening soon.
This time, we needed to prepare curries more than 20 people !

※South Indian style curry with vegetable from Kameoka area
:made by Haruhina Spice&Food

Thanks to everybody who organized this event,
it was full in the night screening!

We could see our friends whose we have’t seen for a while, so the atmosphere were like a small reunion sometimes.
Of course, we also could see some people ,who we have never seen before.
We really appreciate this opportunity and hope we can keep working on this kind of projects more times.

Thanks to people who organized this event,
all of us could have the memorable time here!
Are you interested in the story of ” Kamejin” ?
Please watch it for your next chance!

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