Seasonal workshop with Japanese herbs Vol.6

Hello, everyone!
Again, We were lazy and did not upload our new post for a long time,,,
but we are still trying to survive in this situation of COVID-19, and staying healthy. Hopefully this situation will be ended as soon as possible.
Since the situation in Japan has changed, we gradually re-started our business, at the same time we are trying to do what we can do now.
This time, we had a chance to re-start our seasonal Japanese herbs workshop with Soumokusha, Miyama, and would like to show you about it.
(We are exciting about our workshop with Soumokusha, which is the 6th time together with them!)

Making herbal balls for stress management

Actually, this was the second time for us to organize herbal balls making, however we had a lot of requests to join us, thanks to Soumokusha.
Since it’s getting cold recently, people will get tense easily especially in winter, so that we would like to prepare for self-care to avoid the body tense.
You can use this herbal balls to make your body warm, and will be better for use it before massaging by yourself.
When we had this workshop last year, we made a herbal ball with dried herbs which you can heat it in the microwave, no need to steam it.
However, we tried 2 herbal balls this time and we could choose both microwave one or steaming one.

Every time we do workshop with Soumokusha, We impress their huge works for Japanese herbs and their intellect to use them.
People live in cities like us, it’s very difficult to find these herbs and even though we are in forests, we can’t find them correctly without the right knowledge.
We really appreciate this opportunity which we can realize the blessings of nature in Miyama through this workshop.

All of us enjoyed this moment, and could make 2 herbal balls!
Since we have massage service in our accommodation, we are now thinking to make new massage course with using these herbal balls and also Soumokusha’s items, and this project will coming up soon!
Meanwhile, We could have a chance to visit Soumokusha in Miyama recently, and will talk about this on the next article, so stay tuned!

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