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Seasonal workshop with Japanese herbs Vol.2- Sagebrush-

How was your long holidays in early May?
We are now relaxing here in Kyoto after the long busy holidays!
This time, We would like to introduce you about our event which we organized on 18th May 2019.
Again, we could have a chance to organize this event with Somokusha Co. from Miyama and we all decided to do workshop with seasonal Japanese herbs for each seasons. (See previous event from here.)
We used “Yomogi” Japanese sagebrush this time.
Now it’s time to see what happened on the day here!
Since we have a lot of information, this time we will show you morning section only.

Morning section: Plants dye with Sagebrush

Actually, We have never seen/done the procedures of plants dye.
Thus this is our first challenge!
It was pretty interested to see how to dye with plants.
Besides, We were happy to see such a full of guests in our house.

After we put a bunch of sagebrush into a hot water, we boiled it and put cloths in there.
We needed to adjust the temperature on water heater during we soaked cloths.

After cool down of the brewed liquid,
We brewed sagebrush with hot water for the second round.
This time we used just a little bit copper aluminum as the mordant liquid.
*Mordant liquid is for fixing the color to the cloths.

Then, We rinsed clothes once,and put them into the water with mordant liquid.
After we stirred them about 15min, we rinsed cloths with water again, then
we repeated from the first step, which was soaking cloths with hot brewed  water.It was a second round!

After that, the cloths needed to be cool down enough.
This time we asked guests to take them to their home and rinsed them,
before they use them.

At that time, our guests dyed their scarfs and now We are curious to what happened to their scarfs after they rinsed and dried them.
Hopefully we could see their own scarfs!

Thank  you for joining us this time, and we will plan to do this again in next year! Maybe we could try it with other Japanese herbs as well!

For next time, we will report you about Afternoon section on that day.
Stay tuned!

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