Making Japanese herbs cosmetics  – sagebrush-

Hello, everyone!
Finally the rainy season has come here in Kyoto.
It’s perfect timing to see Hydrangea garden, though it may rain, but it’s worth to do it!
We would like to introduce the Hydrangea spots as well, but today we will keep posting about our workshop which we wrote before.
(Please see the previous article to see part1.)
This time, it’s part 2, making Japanese herbs cosmetic!

Sagebrush oil

After we finish Sagebrush dye, we had a gorgeous lunch from Cafe Millet in Shizuhara, Kyoto.
What a beautiful lunch box!!

We can’t believe that all of foods in this lunch box are Vegan foods!
Since our event was focus on Sagebrush, they use it for some dishes, including a cake here.
After we enjoyed this tasty colorful lunch, we started another project, making cosmetics with sagebrush!

First, We tried making sagebrush oil so cut sagebrush and put them in a pot . Then, soaked with clear sesami oil and stair gently.
During this procedures, we also set up a distiller.

We will use the distilled water to make sagebrush skin water.
After we finished stirling, we strained the oil and put it in the disinfect bottle, that’s all!  It’s beautiful green color and you can use it for body massage.

A Sagebrush skin water and tincture

Now the distilled water was ready by the time we finished making an oil, it’s so fast and easy to make skin water and tincture.
We can arrange the distilled water such as face/body water, air freshener or even cleaning water.
All we needed to do was just soak sagebrush into the rice liquor.
After we wait for a while, we can use this tincture for bug bite, or skin rush.

We pretty enjoyed this workshop and can’t wait for next one!!!
Stay tuned:)

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