Let’s find secret spots in Kyoto!

Are you getting a little bit bored with travelling in Kyoto?
Since Kyoto is one of the major spots in Japan, we often meet our guests who already visit Kyoto before.
However, sometimes we heard that Kyoto is way too busy to go sightseeing, so that well-know spots are packed with tons of tourists depend on seasons.
So, we would like to introduce more about secret spots/local areas of Kyoto on this blog too.
The topic of this time is secrets spots of autumn leaves!

A little known but good place

At this moment in autumn, there are lots of tourists, both nationally and internationally, to see beautiful “Momiji” autumn leaves.
Needless to say, most of famous temples/shrine are always full and
sometimes you need to wait in a line for the entrance.
Here’s the good place that we’ve found this time!
First article is about Yoshimine temple.

Yoshimine Temple

Momiji at Yoshimine temple

Yoshimine temple is a little known for some Japanese since they used to be featured on the promotion of Kyoto city.
Despite of this, there are less people in this beautiful temple especially on weekdays.


They are on the top of mountain called Nishiyama area.After 30min.Bus ride,
their gorgeous gate will welcome you.
Their property is quite huge including gardens.If you hike this temple, it may take 1-1,5 hours.


During walk here, you can see the Kyoto city from the lookout.
We were there around 3:30pm but the sun was about to set already.
Since the temple is located on the mountain in the west, the sun will be opposite side of the one soon.

As you can see from photos, you can take photos without a crowd of people, which is very nice when you take a time to do both momiji viewing and photo shooting.

On next blog, we would like to show you more secret spots in Kyoto!


Yoshimine Temple (Open 8am-5pm / check in by 4:45pm)
Access: Hankyu Bus#66 bound for Yoshiminedera from JR Mukomachi sta.                (30min.)
Get off at Yoshiminedera bus stop and 8min.walk from there.

*You need to get off the bus at Oshio during winter.(From 6th Jan ~ the end of Feb.)


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