Let’s enjoy movie day at Kyoto Knot!

This time, we would like to introduce you to a movie ” Kamejin”,
since we have the opportunity to screen it.
“Kamejin” is a movie which is focused on people who live in Kameoka, in Kyoto and filmed in 2017 for one of project to promote Kameoka city.

Where’s Kameoka?

Kameoka city, Kyoto Prefecture is located next to Kyoto city and
you can visit there by JR train easily.
It takes only 30min. from Kyoto station and you will like the beautiful landscape , especially Hozu river and spacious fields.

river rafting
river rafting

This river will be connected to the river in Arashiyama area,
thus river rafting with a boat from Kameoka to Arashiyama is pretty famous.
Of course, you may know about Sagano Romantic Train,
which is also connected from Umahori sta.in Kameoka to Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto.
Besides, a beautiful cosmos field is getting famous recently.


Boosting the local economy

Kameoka city is trying to revitalize some village/town in Kameoka,
thus it may be one of the good location to immigrate for those who are interested in living in remote area surrounding by nature.
Actually, our grand parents are living in small village in Kameoka,
so we are very happy to have the chance to introduce the movie about Kameoka city this time.
Not only for those who are interested in living in suburb Kyoto,
you will also enjoy this movie since it will be a good chance to think about where we are living and how to enjoy our life.

Here’s the announcement of movie showing event at our house!

” Kamejin ” showing event

Date: 9th December 2018
For foreign guests are welcomed! There’s English subtitles.
We have 2 times showing on the day as below.
1.   16:00~17:30
Including a cup of coffee from coffee beans shop in Kameoka and
a snack from Fukukuru bakery shop in Kameoka.

2.  19:30~21:00
Including southern India curry with vegetables of Kameoka,
serving by Haruhina Spice&food.


Need reservation in advance!
We still have vacant seats, so please contact to book us as below.


You can watch the trailer as below,

Let’s join us and enjoy this movie with Kameoka products!

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