What to buy in Kyoto for souvenirs.

Wanna try to find new types of souvenirs from Kyoto?
Then,We recommend you to hang out KYOTO TOWER SANDO,  which was newly opened as modern style landmark in the Kyoto tower this Spring 2017.

Kyoto tower

This sophisticated building was combined souvenir market,food hall, and experience workshops to make the third destination,following the city and the station.
To be frank, it used to be an old building under the tower including restaurants and some cliched souvenir shops.
However look at the building now,it changes to the stylish center.

Recommends – Things to buy

Recently, we visited Kyoto Tower SANDO and found memorable things as souvenirs.
Though we found lot of good products here but definitely recommend visitors to buy these things. These will be liked especially by ladies.

1. UCHU wagashi


Wagashi= Japanese Sweets
Their Rakugan is different from conventional one.
Rakugan is one of representative Japanese confectionery, and made by mixing flour of starch derived from rice or the like with starch syrup and sugar to apply coloring, and drying in a mold.
In reality, we were not interesting Rakugan before but theirs would make me happy if we got these as souvenirs.

Limited Ver. Rakugan for summer

Their well- designed packages are amazing.

Pretty packages

Not only green tea and normal sugar flavors,they have unusual them such as rose or Jasmine tea.
Their rakugan was made from high- class sugar called Wasanbon so that you may not taste like sweet too much.
They have another branch in downtown area too.

UCHU Wagashi    (Website is here.JP only)
Kyoto Tower SANDO branch (1st Floor)
3min.walk from central ticket gate of JR Kyoto Sta.

2. Crochet


Their candies are too beautiful to eat!
These candies are inspired by traditional Japanese patterns.
Though they look nostalgic however at the same time very stylish design & package due to the choice of colors.
Their candies are produced by artisan from Kyoto, who are making them at the factory built more than 100years ago.


If you are looking for special things as gifts,
they will decorate package with beautiful papers and Mizuhiki.(Need extra charge.)
Since Kyoto Knot organize Mizuhiki handmade workshop,
this idea is going to be nice one to do our next project as well.
What is Mizuhiki? (click here.)

Wrapping service

In addition, their another branch is in downtown area too.

Crochet  (Website here.JP only.)

Kyoto Tower SANDO branch (1st Floor)

We will keep posting information about Kyoto as needed.
Hope it will be helpful for your trip to Kyoto!

Kyoto Knot