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How we renovated traditional Japanese house

Time past so fast! It’s been a month already, since we updated our previous blog.Thank you for your patience, if there are someone who are reading our blog.
We would like to show you how we started Kyoto Knot this time too.
Moreover,we want you to check out about renovation of traditional Japanese house from here!

From storage to vacation house

As we explained on a previous post, the house we found was used to be a yarn storage.
Thus, we needed to move a tons of boxes from the house to the another one.
It was really tough work since there were boxes both down and up stairs!
We helped a yarn owner to remove all of boxes.
It took almost a whole day!

Removing boxes
Removing boxes

What we can do by ourselves

Technically, we are not carpenters but we would like to try DIY for some part at least.
That is why, We (especially my hudsband ) asked professional carpenters for main part but we tried to do some parts which we could.
Our first step was ripping up floorboards on the 1st floor.
We needed to change floorboards from plywood to cedar one.

Ripping floor
Ripping floor

It took a couple of days, so that we needed our friends help.
During carpenter’s day off, we kept ripping floors.

Short break
Short break

We were covered all over in dust!
Thanks to our friend’s help, we could make it finally.
However this was the only baby step to complete our renovation.

1st floor-Before and after
1st floor-Before and after


To be continued…!


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