It’s been for a while since we had updated our last post,,,We are back now!

As all of you know, the world’s situation has changed caused by Corona Virus.
Hopefully this severe situation will be solved as soon as possible, and our regular life will be recovered soon.

Here in Japan, the government orders are much slow and different from other countries. (We should not talk about this political topics here, so will try other topics now.)
Currently the state of emergency has been declared by Japanese government from early April.
Needless to say, we should stay at home as much as we can, trying to avoid contact people.
Of course, our accommodation house has been ZERO bookings since the end of February, and yes, the situation surrounding us is getting more tough than we expected.

Since there’s nothing we can do for tourism industry right now,
We’ll do what we can do for now.
Now, the owner Kazu is in charge of our garden, he’s trying to re-create our garden to make it more beautiful.
So please stay tunes until I get the more progress!

As for me (Moe), recently I am often standing at the kitchen, and enjoy baking , cooking most of the times…

This situation made me focus on non-perishables foods, so I am also trying to cook fruit jams, curry paste, source, and so on.
One of our dream is spending our life in country side of Kyoto, and do like B&B style accommodation in the near future, so this will be good experience & preparation for both of us!

Since we are eating like these above,,, we need to work out.
Sometimes we are taking a walk, of course we are choosing the time to avoid crowds.
We need sunlight and to see natures.

Unfortunately, we could not go out for further to see cherry blossoms in this spring, but could see some at our neighborhood.
(There were hardly tourists but cherry blossoms were blooming…)

Well, that’s all for this time!
Since we have no guests for a while, we are still wondering what we will do from now,which is a bit scary but also exciting at the same time.
We will be panicking once we think about this situation too much,
the only thing we can do now is planning our own projects both for our accommodation house and our private house.

We are looking forward to welcoming guests again from all over the world,
once all of us get over this situation!
We’ll prepare everything we can until then.

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