Cherry blossom is not the only famous flower of Japan. Wisteria is also one of the beautiful flowers which you can see it from the end of April to middle of May.

There are a lot of famous places to see them in Kyoto,
such as Byodou-in temple,Jonangu-shrine etc.

However we would like to recommend you to go to Toba water purification plant,southern Kyoto area, as local Kyotonian’s opinion.

Wisteria at Toba water purification plant

They grow beautiful flowers in their property and
open in public for free every year.

It is not a touristic place so you cannot take  beautiful pictures like flowers with temples,
but highly recommended if you just would like to do flower viewing.


Have a break under the wisteria!

Not so many tourists,so there are more locals.
It is better to go there by cycling to avoid crowds ,since they specially opened their property during long holidays,called Golden week.

If you already saw cherry blossoms,
why don’t you grab your lunch and go to see wisteria for your next travel?

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