This is KNOT just a guest  house.
Stay as you live

We are a vacation rental style accommodation, located near the Rokujo dori shopping street for locals,which still remains in nostalgic atmosphere.
This traditional Japanese town house was used to be a yarn shop and its storage until we found it.We renovated this house which was there more than 100 years ago.

Japanese house

The nuanced old joinery, stairs , pillars,,,all of the classic parts which we can re-use are left as they used to be however we renewed some facilities such as kitchen,bath room and toilet.Most of furnitures in the house are significantly chosen by us from the antique market and dealers or our friends.

Harmonization of Japanese traditions with western practicality, including old and modern elements.

We hope you enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere and the viridity which you cannot feel in the daily life.
You may feel our house is different from hotel,backpackers hostel or any other guest house,however we hope you enjoy living in this traditional Japanese house like locals during your trip.