Try local shops nearby- Kyoto Knot!

Have you ever tried Japanese confectionery before?
For those who never tried, of course for people who love one,
We would love to recommend popular shop for Japanese style confection nearby.

The long – established store


You’ll find this beautiful wooden shop soon, within 5min. walk distance from Kyoto Knot.
Their name is ” Imanishi – Ken ” , which is still remain their original taste for Japanese confectionery since 1897. It’s 120years ago!
Their Ohagi is an institution in Kyoto, especially for locals.
Recently some Japanese travelers found this shop and now we can see the line on weekends.

What’s Ohagi?


As you can see from the photo, Ohagi is a rice cake covered with sweet red beans ( Azuki ) paste or soybean flour called Kinako , or sesami and salt.
We, Japanese usually eat this during Higan , equinoctial week.
Because azuki beans is believed it can keep off evil, we eat ohagi at that time.
Not only for Higan week, I love Ohagi and it’s always welcomed.
It reminds me of my grand mother who made this for a long time ago.

Imanishi – ken have 3 kinds of Ohagi.

Koshi-an: Smooth sweet red bean paste ( Anko )
Tsubu-an: Mashed sweet red bean paste ( Anko )
Kinako: Soy bean flour

(Ohagis in the photo above are Kinako & Tsubu-an.)
In particular, Kinako flavor is the most popular in this shop and
it sells out in the first hour after the doors open.
In the same way, Japanese is quite familiar with Anko (red beans paste) and there are basically 2 types of Anko.
As you can see above information, there are mainly 2 types.
Usually red bean paste is popular but you can see the different types of Anko,
depend on kinds of beans.
Thus, Anko is one of the most typical ingredients for Wagashi = Japanese confectionery.

You will be a master of Japanese confectionery if you know about the differences!
All in all, Anko is a bit difficult to try for foreign people but,
we would like you to try it in case you have never tried one before.


Do you feel like to try Ohagi now?
If you have the chance to stay in our house, we recommend you to visit there once during your stay.
Of course we would love to suggest you to go there even if you are not stay with us.
Either way, Imanishi-Ken is the worth to go!


Open—9:30am until sold out
*Normally they will be sold out by the noon.
Closed—Every Tuesday/third&fifth Monday.

Access—About 5min.walk from Kyoto Knot Vacation House.
1min.walk from Subway Gojo  Station Exit 4.

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