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Enjoy optional breakfast

Would you like to have a breakfast?
Then, try Japanese breakfast without going outside of our house.
For those who are vegetarians, you can choose Shojin Ryori style which was originally a special kind of vegetarian dish prepared for
Buddhist monks, containing neither fish nor meat.


Shojin(Vegetarian) or Fish set meal

Fish or Vegetarian

Normally they provide seasonal fish and vegetable. Please choose Shojin style in case you are Vegetarians.
The soup stock is made from sea weed but please note that the Shojin style is NOT Vegan style


Nagomi Bento style



It will be served with Bento style.
Fish is included in Nagomi bento, so that this is not Shojin/vegetarian style.



For children

If you need breakfast for children, they have 2 types.
(Price: 1,650JPY or 2,160JPY)


Please book us at least 2days before on that date.
We need your information as below to book breakfast.

Time:(Need 30min. for delivery.)
Type &number of meals:
Fool allergy you have:

Breakfast service is available from 8am.
In case you cancel your booking for breakfast on the day,
100% cancellation fee will be claimed.

Delivery Kaiseki ryori

Kaiseki course
Kaiseki course

*Delivery service is available for lunch/dinner as well.
(Need reservation in advance.)
For more information, please ask us directly.

Kaiseki ryori delivery service – Izusen –
Their website is here. (Japanese only)