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Gion Festival 2018

Gion Festival 2018 Hi,Everyone! It’s been for a while to post. June & July past so fast and now it’s already August… can’t believe it. Anyway, this time we would like to report about Gion Festival, which took place during July in Kyoto. What’s Gion Festival? We call it Gion Matsuri in Japanese, the festival…


The story of Kyoto Knot – Vol.3

Trying DIY – Self renovation of traditional Japanese house A long vacation “Golden week”  is already gone here in Japan, and now you can see the fresh green leaves! It will be a great greenery season before rainy season is coming. This time, we would like to return to a subject about renovation of traditional…


Plum trees VS Cherry blossoms ?

  Plum trees? or Cherry blossoms? Unexpectedly, Cherry blossom season came quite earlier than usual, and now that season was already over this year! As most of people know, April is one of popular seasons for travelers, because of beautiful SAKURA, cherry blossoms. However, Plum tree season is also fascinated as much by cherry blossom…

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The story of Kyoto Knot – Vol.2

How we renovated traditional Japanese house Time past so fast! It’s been a month already, since we updated our previous blog.Thank you for your patience, if there are someone who are reading our blog. We would like to show you how we started Kyoto Knot this time too. Moreover,we want you to check out about…


The story of Kyoto Knot

How we started Kyoto Knot Recently We’ve been posting about some tourist information of Kyoto,but We would like to show you how we started Kyoto Knot Vacation House this time. Though it will be a long story but, hope you enjoy this! We will keep posting as much as we can. As we explained on…

First visit to Shrine

Japanese New Year

Japanese New Year “Oshogatsu”. Everyone, A Happy New Year 2018!! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! New year’s holidays were over quickly and now it’s already middle of January. How fast it is! How was your new year’s holidays ? Generally speaking, we have new year’s holidays from 28th December to 3rd January, though it depends on companies…